Fire And Sprinkle Damage

We have proudly been serving Rancho Santa Margarita and Orange County for over 10 years with reliable water damage cleanup services.  If your fire sprinklers have gone off, call us in and we will get your home cleaned up quickly!

Cleaning Up Fire Sprinkler Damage in Walls, Ceilings, Carpets and More

When fire sprinklers go off, they spray the entire room with water, from the ceiling down to the floors.This is not something that you will want to clean up yourself.  Rags and mops are unable to get water out from porous surfaces like drywall, and those surfaces will quickly stain and start to grow mold. Rancho Santa Margarita has a large team of water damage specialists standing by to clean up fire sprinkler water.  We are IICRC certified, and ready to handle any job which comes our way.

What Does Being IICRC Certified Mean?

At Rancho Santa Margarita, we don’t just meet the minimum requirements to be a licensed water damage cleanup company. We took it a step further and became IICRC certified.  The IICRC establishes a strict set of standards and protocols for handling water damage, as well as other types of damage including fire damage and mold damage.  All of our technicians are trained according to the IICRC rules and you can count on them to deliver the best quality of cleanup services.  In addition to our IICRC certified knowledge, we also have the high-powered professional equipment which is needed to make sure fire sprinkler water is cleaned up and dried quickly.  Don’t risk your home to the hands of less-experienced cleanup crews.  There is simply too much at stake!

Available 24/7 and On Site in 30 Minutes

Water damage from fire sprinkler discharge takes a toll very quickly.  It is important that you start cleaning up and drying the water as fast as possible to avoid secondary damages like mold and bacterial growth.  When the cleanup process is started quickly, there is also a good chance that your carpets, wood floors, and furniture can be saved.

Just give us a call and we will immediately come to your rescue.  Our operators are available 24/7 and a real person will always answer the phone.  We will answer any questions you have over the phone, and can send out a team of 2 technicians to be at your door within 30 minutes of your call.

All water damage cleanup estimates are free of charge, and our rates are fairly priced.  We understand that water damage from fire sprinklers isn’t usually planned for and will work with you to make payment as easy as possible.  Our technicians bill directly to your insurance company and will even help you with documentation for the insurance claim and will meet with the adjuster in person.  There is no reason why you shouldn’t get compensated to the fullest!

Contact the friendly team at Rancho Santa Margarita Water Damage today!  We are here for you 24/7.

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